Walnut Sunburst Mirror

Ships today if ordered by 4pm MST. This mirror is a timeless work of craft that will fit well in any home. It consists of 24 solid wood pieces screwed to a birch plywood "ring." Each walnut part has been carefully rounded over and sanded, like a fine jewel.

We recently made a batch of these walnut frames. We used about 40 different walnut boards from one "unit" of lumber. We mixed up the parts from the various boards because our goal was to create randomness in color and grain patterns. We feel that every one of them is exquisite.

There's this interior design principle, that a mirror makes it seem like you have an entire other room.
But what kind of jerk walks up to a mirror and says, "Hey look, there's a whole other room in there. And there's a guy in there that looks just like me."  -Jerry Seinfeld.

We have been making fine wood products since 1997 and our sunburst mirror is of the highest quality and design.

The "story" behind this piece...
Tyler decided to make his daughter Olivia a round mirror frame for her bedroom for Christmas 2018. He chose random tapered pieces of hardwood from the "interesting scrap" bin at his 3-person shop in Fort Collins, CO. She loved it as did the rest of their family and friends. So, after a few months he decided to streamline it a bit into the current design.

The high-quality, 1/8" thick mirror is 12" diameter and the frame is 28" diameter. There are 2 sizes of wood in each frame. The larger size is about 4" wide and 3/4" thick. The smaller size is about 3" wide and 5/8" thick. It projects about 1 1/2" off the wall. There is a keyhole fastener embedded into the back of the frame for easy and secure hanging. We include a wood screw for stud installation and a high quality, heavy-duty system for drywall only installation.  Also, we include felt pads to prevent the frame from scratching your wall.

They are finished with three coats of durable, clear satin, precatalyzed lacquer. Dusting is the only maintenance required. However, an occasional application of furniture polish, like orange oil, is totally fine and will give your mirror frame a little extra shine.
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