Sports Card Display Cabinet

Ships today if ordered by 4pm MST.

First, this cabinet (or a custom version) is built to order.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Wouldn't you love to display your cards in the living room?

I'm a woodworker and baseball card collector and I designed this cabinet to display my favorite cards, keep them safe from sunlight, and when closed, look beautiful enough to hang anywhere in my home.

Personally, I keep the doors closed when I'm not home and at night - then, every morning I open the doors to greet them all!

This cabinet has walnut sides and white oak doors. The interior shelves can fit 40 graded slabs.
Each door can display 22 cards in Ultra PRO toploader sleeves; 16 portraits and 6 landscapes.
I can make your cabinet custom, if you wish. For example, I can customize the shelves to display your choice of card sleeves or I can customize the doors to display slabbed cards.  Feel free to contact Tyler.

Dimensions: 29 1/4" wide x 33 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" deep.

It employs a Rev-A-Lock magnetic lock system. Simply place the high strength magnetic "key" at the bottom of the door to disengage lock.
The beautiful, heavy duty, hinges are made in Japan by Sugatsune. They are fully adjustable.
The doors are made of quartersawn solid wood and are a full 1" thick.

Installation is similar to mounting an upper kitchen cabinet. First, locate one stud behind desired cabinet location. Then drill two 5/16" holes through the inside of the cabinet located approximately 2 1/2" from the top and bottom of the interior of the cabinet. Hardware and complete instructions are included.

And, as I hope you would assume... the cards are not included. Thanks for your interest!

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