Card Display Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves

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I'm a woodworker and baseball card collector, so naturally I had to make the best display case available. :)

There are three features that make our display cases different from any others.

1. WOOD DOOR...  Our solid wood doors protect your cards from potentially damaging uv light. Plus, it looks so nice you can hang it any room in your home.

2. ADJUSTABLE SHELVES... Our shelves easily adjust vertically in an aluminum t-track. This allows you to fully maximize the interior space with all types of cards.

3. ANGLED GROOVE SHELVES... The grooves in our shelves have an angled back edge. This allows any card from 1/16" thick (toploader sleeve) to 7/16" thick (Topps Project slabs) to slide downward to the inside of the front edge. This design forces all the cards to rest in the same plane, making the entire display more attractive.

CAPACITY... As you know, there are seemingly endless sizes of cards. Here are a few common card types and capacity.
PSA slabs... 28 cards
Toploader sleeves... 35 cards
Topps Project slabs... 35 cards
We include wooden templates for PSA slabs and Toploader sleeves so that you can space out your shelves perfectly. The spacers are simply 1/8" shorter than the displayed card.

SHELVES... The six shelves can be moved up and down in a t-track.

FINISH... It's finished with a durable, pre-catalyzed, satin lacquer. This cabinet's fit and finish is comparable to our other fine wood products.

LOCK... It employs a Rev-A-Lock magnetic lock system. Simply place the high strength magnetic "key" at the center of the door stile to disengage lock.

HINGE DIRECTION... The cabinets are symmetrical - meaning, they can be flipped upside down so that you can choose to have the door open to the left or right.

INSTALLATION... It's easy. First, locate one stud behind desired cabinet location. Then drill two 1/4" holes through the inside of the cabinet located 2" from the top and bottom of the interior of the cabinet. We include installation screws.

DIMENSIONS... 18 1/2" wide x 36" tall x 4" deep. The cabinet sides are 3/4" thick, so the cabinet interior is 17" wide x 34 1/2" tall.

And, as I hope you would assume... the cards are not included. Thanks for your interest!

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