Corbel Installation & FAQ

Two Versions. We have perfectly designed two versions of our line of countertop corbels for maximum strength and ease of installation. The basic difference is the countertop/corbel installation sequence. One is intended to be installed prior to your countertop and the second is intended to be installed after your countertop is installed.

Corbels first, then Countertop

Countertop first, then Corbels (1)

Countertop first, then Corbels (2)

For complete instructions:
Corbels first, then Countertop: PDF
Countertop first, then Corbels: PDF

Corbel FAQ

We have been building our corbels since 1998 and have encountered many installation situations and related questions.  Please do not hesitate to call Tyler. It's important to him that you confidently order the right corbels.  Call or text 970-690-0503.

Can the average homeowner install your corbels properly to studs, cabinets or drywall?
Yes. No problem. Click here to view the instructions in a new window.

Can I use your corbels if my countertop is already installed?
Yes, but you need to choose from this collection of corbels

Do your corbels come with instructions and hardware?
Yes, we include the necessary hardware for attaching to wooden studs or cabinets. If mounting to drywall, we suggest our drywall installation kit.

What size corbels do I need?
Our corbels are a timeless, beautiful architectural feature and we want you to choose the largest corbel possible for your peace of mind. 

How many corbels do I need?
A rule for granite is no more than 30 unsupported inches in length.   In general, a seated person requires about 24" of space, side-to-side.  So, it's wise to place your corbels to the sides of your "parked" stools.  This makes for a strong and attractive situation.

How much weight can they hold?
We rate all of our corbels at 250 lbs when mounted properly and loaded uniformly. Click here to see our corbels supporting 500lbs.

How much weight can they hold when mounted to drywall only?
We have tested this situation and have concluded that 1/2" drywall will fail at 220 lbs. Make sure to add some drywall kits to your cart if you think you will need them. Click here to go to Drywall Kits.

What style brace (the diagonal portion) should I use?
Each brace is equally strong.

Do you sell your corbels pre-stained or finished?
No. But, they are sanded and ready for stain or finish.

Should I finish/paint them before or after installation?
It will be easier to finish them prior to installation, because you eliminate the need for masking the wall. The brace (diagonal support member) may be unscrewed for ease of finishing. We advise you to number and identify matching parts for ease of assembly later.

Can they be used outdoors?
Yes. However, they will require a properly maintained exterior paint or finish.

Besides countertop and shelf support, what other applications can TMW corbels be used for?
They can also be used for desktops and mantels.

Where are your corbels manufactured?
We manufacture all of our corbels as well as our other products at our 4 - person, 2500 square foot shop in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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