Our Green Commitment

We don't build junk.
Due to our vast woodworking experience, we know how to choose the proper wood, joinery, and finish to ensure longevity. In our opinion, manufacturing high quality, long-lasting products is an underappreciated segment of the green movement.

We reinforce our miter joints with wood splines, making the corner joints much stronger. Perfectly executed spline joinery has become our trademark.
The three bracket parts are joined with four high quality #10 X 1 ½" long wood screws.

We optimize our raw material usage.
Optimization comes quite naturally since we use parts as short as 5 ½" in our Ogee 6 Corbel, and as narrow as 1 ½" in our Straight 8 Shelf Bracket. Also, when we process a batch of our very popular maple corbels we sort our parts according to appearance. The most attractive white maple wood goes into our Maple corbels and the discolored and/or slightly knotty maple goes into our Paint Grade corbels. This results in a very high percentage of usable lumber.

We use protein based, biodegradable packing peanuts.
Unfortunately they still will end up scattered across your yard. However, they may be used as fertilizer and are degraded by water.
Milex Eco Packaging

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