Corbel Wizard


Which corbel should I choose?

Our corbels are a timeless, beautiful architectural feature and we want you to choose the largest corbel possible for your peace of mind that does not interfere with your seating arrangement. We want you to feel 100% confident in your decision so feel free to call Tyler if you have any questions. 970-493-0879.

Also, we have addressed more of your questions here, Corbel FAQ

The information for the Corbel Wizard was arrived at through discussions with kitchen designers and countertop installers, plus data from various manuals of ergonomic standards. Furthermore, all of this information was confirmed "in the field" by Tyler Morris and staff. The most important presumption of the Corbel Wizard is the distance between the average seated person's knee and the edge of the countertop. For the dining chair, this distance is 12", the counter height stool is 10", and the bar stool is 8". Why are these different? We must presume the following. A person will most likely eat a meal in a dining chair, whereas the person in a bar stool will most likely be having a drink and/or a casual snack. We may further presume that the person eating a meal will require more comfort and will want to rest his/her forearms on the counter, thus requiring the chair to be closer to the counter. Plus the person in the dining chair has the ability to "scoot" his/her chair closer to the counter, whereas the person in the bar stool does not. We have created a background grid for you to make manual modifications if your seating requirements are different.

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