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Our new Craftsman Corbel

Introducing our Craftsman Corbel.  Its style compliments many related architectural designs such as; American Craftsman, Mission revival, American Arts and Crafts movement, Prairie School and California revival. Also, due to their simple and unadorned design, our new countertop corbels and shelf brackets are suitable for contemporary interiors.  Currently, we offer them in two sizes; Model 8 and Model 10 and two wood types; red oak and paint grade.

While visiting the "Arts and crafts movement" wiki page, I found this quote from 1893.  It still is pertinent today.

“The movement … represents in some sense a revolt against the hard mechanical conventional life and its insensibility to beauty (quite another thing to ornament). It is a protest against that so-called industrial progress which produces shoddy wares, the cheapness of which is paid for by the lives of their producers and the degradation of their users. It is a protest against the turning of men into machines, against artificial distinctions in art, and against making the immediate market value, or possibility of profit, the chief test of artistic merit. It also advances the claim of all and each to the common possession of beauty in things common and familiar, and would awaken the sense of this beauty, deadened and depressed as it now too often is, either on the one hand by luxurious superfluities, or on the other by the absence of the commonest necessities and the gnawing anxiety for the means of livelihood; not to speak of the everyday uglinesses to which we have accustomed our eyes, confused by the flood of false taste, or darkened by the hurried life of modern towns in which huge aggregations of humanity exist, equally removed from both art and nature and their kindly and refining influences.”

Walter Crane, “Of The Revival of Design and Handicraft”, in Arts and Crafts Essays, by Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, 1893

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