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Recipe Box Care Tips

Your recipe card box has been finished with an oil/varnish blend. We have chosen this "penetrating-type" finish as opposed to a "film" finish because it gives the box a more natural appearance and is easy to maintain. We suggest that you apply additional oil to your box about once a year. We recommend Watco Danish Oil, Minwax Antique Oil, or Deft Danish Oil. These brands are found in most hardware stores.

First, you may want to give your box a light sanding with 180-220 grit sandpaper to remove scratches or marks. Next, simply wipe on a light coat of oil, and about 5 minutes later, wipe off the excess. You may be wondering, "What if I never oil my recipe box?" Well, it will continue to perform just fine. However, it will look dry and lack the luster that results from additional coats of oil. Please consider the annual oil application a caring gesture. Enjoy.
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