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500 lbs!!!

In March 2008, we tested and photographed two of our corbels supporting 500 pounds each when uniformly loaded. The day began with Steve and Loren borrowing five, 100-pound discs from the gym around the corner from our shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. Then we realized that, despite having a 2500 square foot shop, we didn't have any suitable wall space to conduct our experiment. So we built a makeshift wall in the center of our assembly area.

We then attached a Maple Concave 10 corbel and a 3/4" X 16" X 16" plywood shelf to our wall with the same hardware we provide our customers. Loren and Steve very carefully loaded the shelf, one 100-pound disc at a time and... success. No broken corbels (or toes!). Next we tested and photographed our Maple Concave 14 and it too performed the task.

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