NEW! 1986 Champion New York Mets Baseball Cards • Mirror Frame

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*First, the mirror was removed for pictures*

Here are the players on the 1986 World Champion New York Mets!

Along with Davey Johnson, 36 players were on the roster that season and 33 of them are on the frame. Three players never appeared on Topps cards with the Mets; John Gibbons, Stan Jefferson and Tim Corcoran.  

On a personal note, when I was 17, I had the privilege of going to Game 2 of the World Series that year with my buddy Kevin Wager. Our seats were behind home plate...way behind home plate. We were in the upper deck, last row.  When we looked over our right shoulders, we had a great view of the Shea Stadium parking lot. By mid-game the Red Sox had a relatively large lead and Kevin and I wandered down to the field level and encountered a family of four leaving and we snagged their tickets. Believe it or not, they were in the first row! I felt like I could reach out and touch Wade Boggs at third.


These are made in our Fort Collins, Colorado wood shop with the same high level of craftsmanship that we put into all of our exquisite wood products.
Each frame consists of approximately 60 genuine baseball cards.  The 28" diameter frame is made from 3/4" thick Baltic birch plywood that's been stained and lacquered.  In an effort to keep the cards "cleanable", I have applied 4 coats of lacquer to them as well.  The sheen is the same as the original cards. The high quality mirror is 11 1/2" diameter and 1/8" thick. Like our other mirror frames, we embed a metal keyhole hanger in the back for easy and secure hanging.

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